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Google Cloud storage

With all this talk about clouds, I decided to delve a little bit deeper into this new buzz word.So what is this "cloud" anyway? I got on my laptop and went straight to the source... Google. I typed in "Google Cloud" and hit the search button on Google. I found many results, 85,900,000 to be exact. Many of the results on the first page were for Google's new Docs and Print programs. While these results all relate to the topic, I wanted to see the homepage for the "cloud", so I kept looking. The website offers a simple format where searches appear in a tag cloud form, with emphasis on the more popular searches. So naturally, I searched for the term "Google Cloud" here too, That sent me back to the original search results on Google. I came back to the articles on Docs and Print to see if they offered anymore insight. It was in these blog write-ups that I started to get an idea what the "cloud" really meant. Ok, so to be
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Printing From Your Mobile With Google Cloud

The original unveiling of Google Cloud Print some months previously saw difficulties encountered with a number of older printers, which still required a connection to the web via a computer terminal. After the initial problems had been resolved, HP announced that all Google Cloud Print users are now able to print directly to any HP ePrint-enabled printer from any Google Cloud Print supported app on any computer or smartphone. With the requirement for some users for the printer to be connected to a print driver or PC finally removed, it is now a simple process of signing into a Google account, entering an unique e-mail address of the HP ePrint-enabled printer being used, and clicking onto the "Connect my printer" button. In all other respects, the way the printer itself is set up or the use of paper feed tray, printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges or compatible ink cartridges remains unchanged when connecting with Google Cloud Print via mobile. The printing of hard copy

Google Online storage

Google has launched a new service it's calling Google Cloud SQL. It's a cloud-based, scalable MySQL database environment that can be used by individuals, businesses, or whomever. The best part is that it's free. At least, for now. While a lot of people in the industry are abuzz with the opening of this service, there is plenty of salt being thrown too. Google has made it clear that while this service (which should still be considered beta) is free until at least the end of the year, there will be charges coming in the future. The question is whether Google has learned their lesson from the last time they did this. Not too long ago, Google released the App Engine cloud computing infrastructure to the world. Also as a free or mostly-free service. They announced that it would not be free forever, just during testing, and that it would eventually come with a charge. What developers who began using the infrastructure didn't realize was how large that price was going to be.

Google Cloud Services

Two of the biggest names in the computer world nowadays are Microsoft and Google. Each of them is a leader in making progress and advancement in their respective fields. For most people who do business transactions in the internet, Google Docs is such a valuable tool. When it comes to the real world, nothing is more convenient than Microsoft Office. As the pursuit of reaching the clouds gets higher, Google Cloud Connect has come to life. Google Cloud Connect is a plugin for Microsoft Office (2003, 2007 and 2010) developed by Google. It allows you to share your files and at the same time, edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from people that are members of your organization. It is the answer to the demand of syncing Microsoft Office with Google Docs. Using Google Cloud Connect software, you can access your Microsoft Office files using Google Docs easily and normally, anytime and anywhere. Each file is given a corresponding URL so you can open it at the time and place you need it. It c

Google Cloud

f you have a computer that uses MS Office 2003, 2010 or 2007, you can be able to employ the use of Google cloud connect feature to link with other people within your organization. The feature allows simultaneous sharing and editing of documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point with several other people in different sections. It is possible to use MS Word in conjunction with collaborative benefits offered by Google Docs. Google Cloud Connect operates by synchronizing and sharing of documents. Besides it tracks and manages all the alterations on your MS Word documents and compresses each into an updated version. Every document that you synchronize with Google Cloud Connect is assigned special web address or URL which you may share with your other partners through email address or IM. Other people can be able to view your Word document whenever they click on the URL depending on how you configure your privacy settings. Simultaneous collaboration on documents through Google Cloud


ACEITE DE ARGÁN Natural El aceite de Argán es un producto natural resultado de la presión de las almendras extraídas de los frutos secos del argán, un árbol disponible solamente dentro del territorio de la reserva de biosfera del sur de Marruecos. Un espacio declarado desde hace algunos años como patrimonio forestal mundial de la humanidad. La extracción del aceite de Argán se consigue mediante un proceso mecánico sin ningún tipo de utilización de productos químicos o agentes parecidos. De hecho, el aceite de Argán  virgen es un producto bio  con beneficios demostrados. Debido al auge que ha tenido el aceite de Argán a nivel internacional, la fuerte demanda del mercado sobre el mismo, se ha asistido durante algunos años al nacimiento de una panoplia de «productos cosméticos a base de aceite de Argán”; productos que a veces no tienen nada que ver con el Argán más que el nombre. Para conseguir el beneficio pleno del aceite de Argán sobre el cuerpo, es preciso que se trate d

Aceite de Argan Cosmetico

ACEITE DE ARGAN COSMÉTICO En el sur de  Marruecos , las mujeres han utilizado desde siempre el aceite de Argan  para el cuidado tanto del cuerpo como del cabello. Gracias a su alto contenido en vitamina E, redinamiza naturalmente la piel, la hidrata, y actúa contra  la sequedad y el envejecimiento. El  aceite de Argán   regenera la piel y combate el envejecimiento durante el reposo nocturno. En la farmacopea de Marruecos, se recomienda el aceite de Argán contra el acné, estrías y quemaduras. Es ideal para el masaje o para un baño de aceites. Fortalece el cabello. Nutre y revitaliza el cuero cabelludo y aporta al cabello brillo y suavidad natural. Además, el aceite de Argán se recomienda para el cuidado de las uñas quebradizas ya que las nutre y protege contra las agresiones externas. Propiedades cosméticas del Aceite de Argán Fortalece el cabello aportándole brillo y flexibilidad. Hidrata el cabello después del baño de mar Estimula la regeneración y l